Qwidget border style sheet tutorial

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Qwidget border style sheet tutorial

The dialog we just designed will look exactly the same on Linux Windows, Mac OS X because we stylized it so aggressively. Put this style in there for qwidget now: # topFrame { border: none;. I have quite a strange problem. Examples & Tutorials;. I have a QWidget with QHBoxLayout on it. I' m using style sheet:. Qwidget border style sheet tutorial.
We can fix this by specifying a slightly different background color and use a different border style. Qt Style Sheets Examples. I qwidget want to set a border qwidget for this whole widget. , QWindowsXPStyle on Windows XP). The tutorial layout contains two QLabels. That style sheet makes the buttons have rounded corners , border a nifty radial gradient background modern. The wrapper style ensures that any active style sheet is respected otherwise forwards the drawing qwidget operations to the underlying platform- specific style ( e. When a style sheet is active the QStyle returned tutorial by QWidget: : style( ) is a wrapper " style sheet" style tutorial not the platform- specific style.

A style sheet tutorial wouldn’ t be complete without a comment on cross- platform issues.

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The Style Sheet Syntax. Style sheets can be set on the. Qt Style Sheets will behave as though the user had manually called the corresponding QWidget: :. Background- color, YES. background- image, NO. it appears that you are applying a scope of QWidget to your style sheet,.

qwidget border style sheet tutorial

Why is QWidget with border. Customizing Qt Widgets Using Style Sheets When using style sheets, every widget is treated as a box with four concentric rectangles: the margin rectangle, the border rectangle, the padding rectangle, and the content rectangle. pyqt: How to apply style sheet to a custom widget.